Sep 28, 2017

4 Types of People in An Escape Room

The Competitive One: They’re sweet, they’re funny, and while they’re good at what they do, this friend will turn anything into a competition. They’re in a sport or debate team and love a good challenge–but they can definitely be over the top. Once you step into that escape room the only thing separating them between the game and winning is you.

This friend is convinced they’ve got it all figured out and assumes the rest of you don’t really know what you’re doing. Sure they’re smart, but they want the glory to themselves. As they lead the group around insisting things be done their way be wary of their other side…the sore loser. Someone else solve the riddle? Didn’t manage to finish the room on time? Expect them to throw a fit.

While they’re impulsive behavior can be intimidating at times, it might come in handy. They tend to think outside the box and might notice a clue or pattern that’s been hidden right under everyone’s nose.

The Overthinker: You’re only five minutes in but this friend is already overstimulated. They like to analyze everything and sometimes they go overboard. As they begin to survey the room, they’ll most likely find a section to fixate on and stay there for a while. Could it be a real clue? Yes. Could it be a random visual object they’ve decided to sit and analyze? Also yes.

 Maybe they’re a math and science major or a tech geek. They’ll turn a simple four digit code into a complicated numerical equation, or read way too much into signs and phrases. But if you need someone to unlock a code or solve a riddle, they’re your go-to. Just…don’t leave them on their own for too long.

The Passive One: It’s not that they don’t want to be here… but they’d very much prefer to stay on the sidelines.  As everyone is scrambling around the room attempting to solve puzzles and codes this friend moves at their own pace. They’re relaxed and content with listening to directions from the Team Player or Competitive friend, and they’re not trying to get in anyone’s way. Especially not the competitive one.

You can find them sitting on a chair fiddling away with a random item they’ve found. Often times it might even be a clue! (They just haven’t figured it out yet.)

The Team Player:  Doing the escape room was probably their idea in the first place. This friend is always ready to try something new and they’re a natural leader. They’re the parental figure in the group that just wants their friends to be safe and having fun. They know how to motivate each friend in the group and push them to excel. While the other friends may be getting frustrated or giving up, this friend’s peppy attitude keeps everyone optimistic and in the zone. Competitive friend getting too intense? The Team Player will definitely be there to calm them down and put them in their place.





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