This was really neat. Had fun but I suggest bringing items of your choice since your allowed too because they don't give you much to break other than small little items. You get about 20 min. I suggest bringing water because it gets very hot inside due to what you have to wear. Definitely would go again.
Dogpunker6 C
01:05 14 Aug 21
My husband, 11 year old, and myself enjoyed the pirate escape room. It was exciting and fun.
Tonantzin Morales
07:17 13 Jun 21
Kids of all ages my kids oldest 24 my 14 my 7 my 5 and then even my 1 yr old grandson joined them and had a blast
15:15 30 May 21
Place was all the way worth it... Trust me when I say it's a must go....
Danny Mitchener
04:57 27 May 21
I will definitely comeback and try out the other rooms and games.
Brian Delarmente
17:39 11 May 21
Had a great time with the escape room and axe throwing
01:31 30 Apr 21
Amazing! We did the pirates escape room and the guy that explained everything even dressed up with a pirate hat. We were close to finishing so he extended our time a little so we could finish it! It was so nice and everything was explained super well. I also loved the little intro video and the extra details it really added to the experience!
Sierra W
06:19 21 Apr 21
The kids had a blast! The staff was really cool and accommodating. Will definitely be going again, well worth the money and the drive! Thank you for making my son's birthday the best ever!
capricia gray
18:12 24 Mar 21
Me & my friends had sooooo much funnnnn the guy was very chill n layd back!!! # Nerfwar
ItsPassion Summer
08:54 22 Mar 21
Kids had a good time. A different kids party experience.Could be more organized and toys repaired and in better working order. Still fun.
Martin Hein
10:16 15 Mar 21
Liked itDid the rage room
Ana Medel
23:59 14 Feb 21
It's a blast! With things to do for different types of people, it's great if you can't decide if you want a fun sporty game or a brain teasing one. They have both!
snow man
10:39 29 Jan 21
A great place to go with the family, even with all the covid BS. Fun and challenging "live-action" entertainment. Staff is good and friendly:)
mcclane hill
05:04 13 Jan 21
So much fun, this place is great
08:32 22 Dec 20
Excellent experience for the rage room. Rebecca was the best. Definitely worth a try. Take your time and go slow to get the best experience.
Cali's Spoken
20:39 28 Nov 20
Really fun group activity! One of the best birthdays ever! The staff at Brainy Actz were great!! We found a Groupon deal which made this experience very affordable too. Going back for more fun!
SUE KAY Privett
11:56 22 Nov 20
Great place to let off steam. I'll be coming back!
01:33 31 Oct 20
So much fun! The host was awesome, he kept us laughing. When we arrived for our appointment, the group behind us was lagging a little so they gave us some free axe throwing time. I have to say, I LOVE this place. We'll definitely be coming back.
Hal L.
23:00 30 Oct 20
Great experience with Axe throwing very nice staff her name was Becca Amaro very thorough in instruction and very pleasant differently will return and ask for her to be out instructor again
Rey Amaro
23:31 15 Oct 20
The staff was kind and friendly and the axe throwing was the most fun I have had in 2020
Nicholas Cross
01:31 04 Oct 20
Its fun for adults and kids
Sara Springer
03:36 21 Sep 20
This was my first experience doing an escape room and it was fantastic! I was smiling throughout the experience a good amount of the time. Did the pirate room with 7 others for my bachelor party. If you're curious, we succeeded! With such a positive experience, I am kinda hooked on escape rooms and want to do more in the future.
Austin Bell
07:24 19 Sep 20
Had a blast. Ax throwing and the escape room was a blast
Rocky Mathews
20:04 18 Jul 20

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Bakersfield

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Bakersfield Escape Room

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Nerf Wars

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Archery Arrow Tag

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Rage Room

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