It was challenging but fun our first room had an issue but got an offer for our next visit and a different room was our first time doing an escape room
Jennifer Taylor
01:00 01 Jul 20
Used their Groupon code and played the Excalibur room. Overall it was a great time. We went during the COVID-19 pandemic and played alone (party of 2). They utilize tablets to give you clues which was really nice. We were able to escape with a few minutes left. Only two suggestions: add subtitles to the opening video as it was hard to understand and increase the lighting in the room by a few lumens. Would love to play the other rooms in the future.
Bob Granzow
21:45 28 Jun 20
I've been to several escape rooms, and this one was fun! Some places give you clues after certain amounts of time, but this one just let you ask if you wanted them so you weren't forced to use them. There weren't red herring type clues, just what you needed and didn't have to overthink
Shelby Hallford
20:21 28 Jun 20
Have been to a bunch of escape rooms but had a great experience at this one thanks to Josh! Will deffienlty be coming back!
06:05 05 Jun 20
Josh was amazing! We showed up on the wrong day for the last hour slot... and wasn’t able to go on the day we accidentally booked on... he went above and beyond to cater for us and got us in that same hour!!! Will be coming back again!!! Thanks again to Josh, he made the experience!!
Joey Gaule
06:01 05 Jun 20
We accidentally booked for the wrong day on Groupon, but Josh (the worker there) stayed later (until midnight) to allow us to do the room. Amazing service here. Escape room even better. Highly recommend.
Austin Biscotti
06:00 05 Jun 20
Super helpful staff. Unfortunately, we really felt it was geared more towards kids than adults. Nice aesthetics, but too simple for adults if you're really into escape rooms. Definitely would recommend for families or kid groups, though!
Tiffany Bishop
04:49 03 Mar 20
Fun experience
Amit Somani
09:39 23 Feb 20
Guide was super nice! Really fun!
Serena Ruiz
03:38 19 Feb 20
We did the smuggler room. We got a groupon coupon. We were a group of 4. The room was interesting and fun. If you get stuck in a place for long you can always text for a hint using the tablet provided. We finished it 6 minutes before. The clues are well thought of and this is one of the fun escape room experience.
Vaibhav Oberoi
14:35 04 Feb 20
I took my Girl Scout Troop for the Archery Tag and Nerf Wars games.... they loved it! We are looking forward to going back for the rage room and escape room too!
Tracy Wells
11:52 17 Jan 20
We did two rooms today on a couple of Groupon codes. Normally you aren't able to do them on a holiday or a weekend but they were able to accommodate us because our friend who was with us is leaving California tomorrow to move to the Midwest and go back to school. It was our last opportunity to hang out, and we had a blast!!!We really appreciate the accommodation for our special circumstance.Thank you so much once again for everything.
Super Siri
07:58 02 Jan 20
Fantastic and really fun. Loved it.
Bucky G
06:25 07 Dec 19
The lady who helped us was so sweet ! Super friendly and accommodating
Jenny Liao
21:24 11 Nov 19
Went here a few months back with my family and we had a great time! Fun and challenging, definitely recommend.
Cole Brown
00:52 19 Oct 19
Everyone had a great time with friends. Kids group did better than adults.
Vijay Gnanaraj
02:35 03 Sep 19
Great Room! Very fun, and wonderful staff. We will be back soon!
02:39 30 Aug 19
Our first escape room experience, and it was amazing. The staff here is courteous and extremely helpful. The room itself still has me thinking about it several days later. Thanks to Andrew for being a great host. We will be back for more.
Nathan McKee
20:01 27 Aug 19
Fun creative puzzle. Didn't require any outside knowledge. Our team of 5 successfully stole the Mona Lisa!
Miller Wright
01:40 24 Aug 19
Great experience!! This was my third escape room and i loved the theme and puzzles. Great for those who don't like the horror/creepy ones (like me!). My husband and i made it out with about 10 minutes to spare, but it was still a challenge!! Lots of fun, highly recommend!!
Kathryn Gibson
04:29 05 Aug 19
Such a fun experience. They have great deals and was able to use a coupon. The puzzles are challenging yet doable if you just have two people. I loved the theme and decor. The story was cool and the ending was REALLY good! Cabin Lodge was such a fun experience. They need to sound proof the walls because you can hear all the kids screaming from the birthday party section which was really annoying at times. It just takes you out of the experience. I think it's something they can change if they either have birthday procedures or soundproof walls better. The customer service was EXCELLENT and they were just total sweethearts. Overall, excellent experience and would go back and finish their other rooms
Sommer Garcia
18:02 29 Jul 19
Had a blast
ryan allin
03:54 23 Jul 19
Great experience! So fun and the staff is very kind and helpful.
Noorain C
23:11 16 Jul 19
Super fun experience. It was our 1st time. Kids wana do it again.
Jean Gibson
03:26 14 Jul 19
Fun puzzles. They had trouble with some of the puzzles not working correctly so they took care of us. We were allowed to come back and try another. Besure you get a confirmation when you book. They also have a room for parties There was an engagement party going on when we finished our room. Great fun.
melody Sawyer
18:21 05 Jul 19
Anthony Taylor
04:32 30 Jun 19
I found this place through Groupon and although it was only for the week, Brad worked with my group to make it happen on the weekend. It was the first time for everyone in my group to do an escape room (12 of us) and it didn't disappoint. We were split into two groups and we had a blast! You're not locked into the room, as I was nervous we would be, but we were so busy looking for clues it didn't bother me after we started. I definitely recommend this place. Thanks Brad for helping me out and answering all my questions 😊
Raelyn Rodriguez
20:57 13 Jun 19
The best escape room I've been to so far. My friends and I went to the rise of Excalibur and it was amazing to be brain-teased by these puzzles. 5-stars!
Safia ???
23:45 11 Jun 19
Very cool escape room and friendly staff
Michael Micci
01:45 06 May 19
The escape room was pretty good (you actually had to complete an objective rather than escape the room. They have a room with tables for parties and such. Overall a pretty good experience
Christopher Adam
22:51 02 May 19
Awesome staff, awesome experience!
Jeff Bissell
06:59 21 Apr 19
Really good.
Brenda Leblanc
05:49 17 Apr 19
It was difficult but fun. I did not like the theme of the escape room
14:11 08 Apr 19
Really fun puzzles. The best part was the staff tonight. Really great personalities, just an overall great experience!
Peabo Powell
05:41 26 Mar 19
My kids enjoyed it a lot it the best place we ever went too.
22:03 23 Mar 19
It was fun and interesting, although the play room was small, it was only 1 hour, and it's $30 for each person.
Aryan Jamshidian
21:53 16 Mar 19
So hard! We got some clues, but didn't finish in time, WA wa
Donna Mckenzie
01:44 04 Mar 19
Really cool experience that will test your group's knowledge, wit, and patience. We had so much fun and I qm excited to do this again.
Samuel Sarracino
01:34 04 Mar 19
This place was so much fun!! It was my first time at an escape room and it was amazing. Would 100% recommend for anyone who is looking for a challenge or even to try something new! Matt was a great host!
Jenavee Peres
09:58 03 Mar 19
They we're fun to work with! I felt like I was the escape room was a bit easy. But it was really fun working with them.
18:04 24 Feb 19
The guy at the front desk is very friendly. The process was easy, you sign the waiver and then you place your phone in the locker, and then you will listen to the prelude of the escape room you are going to solve. We took the lodge, escape room, and it was just me and my friend in the room. We needed some help and the guy gives 3 clues through out the period. We were so close to have solved it, but we did not. It was worth while to have spent time here 🙂
Santhosh Raj
17:55 24 Feb 19
This was my first experience with escape rooms and with no expectations I had an amazingly fun time with my fellow escapees. The puzzles were engaging and very challenging. Led to some spirited interactions. Would love to try the other rooms.
Tony Medina
01:09 16 Feb 19
My husband and I went for Valentine's day and were joined by 3 other couples. We had a blast and were able to work together to actually solve the puzzle! Loved it!
Nancy Stancil
14:53 15 Feb 19
Super fun, great staff.
Elisabeth Ostler
03:02 05 Feb 19
ingenious design... TEAMwork is a MUST
Scott Jensen
04:32 30 Jan 19
Amazing place! Very professional, great puzzles, and a wonderful room! 100% would recommend
Inabeana Regina
04:21 12 Jan 19
I went in with my office for our Christmas present and had such a blast. We arrived and introduced by our friendly host, Tayler , and she walked us through the whole procedure and communicated with us while inside to give us clues when asked. I'm embarassed to say that we asked more than once for a clue haha. It was a great experience overall!
Marisol Lopez
05:32 08 Jan 19
My friends and I tried the secret of the master room recently with another group that booked the same time. We were three and they were 4 so we did the room with people we just met. It wasn’t bad and they did say we could step out if things weren’t working out. But luckily we all got along. The room itself was nice and I did enjoy the puzzles. It was pretty fun over all! My friends and I all had a blast and we escaped with 6 mins left! The experience was worth the price we paid and I would like to come back to do a different one. The only problems I had was that some of the necessary items and clues in the boxes and such were hard to see. It’s a little dim in the room and I couldnt read some clues. We had to use the light of the tablet they lent us to read them. I understand that atmosphere is part of the experience but it was a little frustrating to be unable to just read things. Also some items needed to go to the next puzzle were so small it’s easy to not grab it from the box. I had thought I searched everywhere in the boxes but it’s dim and I’m only trying to feel for things since I can’t see so something so small was easily missed. One thing I thought would have been nice is a paper or something saying you escaped the room. Like a congrats of some sort, but that is hard since some people may not escape in time. Also we played as the villains! Haha! So it was nice having a choice of which side to play. I’d recommend going here for an easy and fun escape room experience.The staff was nice and friendly even though it was a little late. They explained the rules very understandablly and we didn’t have issues with the room itself. Everything seemed to be there! And it was super fun. I had the excitement, the adrenaline rush and the feeling of successfully escaping the Secret of the Master Room!
Renee Roberts
22:33 07 Jan 19
Very fun
Coach Scott
23:42 23 Dec 18
Went with my church youth group and we enjoyed the escape room! It was challenging enough to make it fun, yet not impossible. The staff were very friendly and accommodating to the large group we had! Would go again!
Hun IL Lee
04:12 23 Dec 18
Everyone had fun and the people who managed the facility were helpful and kind
Terry Wong
04:08 21 Nov 18
Amazing experience
Sally Elsokary
02:59 15 Nov 18
Came about a month ago because our 13 year old had been begging to try. We were a party of 6 and did the Prison. It was awesome and we had about 6 minutes to spare. Our host was nice, we had a blast!!!
Anna Rogers
09:23 13 Nov 18
Good family fun
James Vierregger
05:38 13 Nov 18
Definitely recommend! Came with our youth group crew, and would like to do another Paniq room activity in the future. Tried the prison break activity which was slightly challenging enough for many of us to get involved. I hope this gets big enough where more people can join a room and eventually expand to more floors (just a thought).
Barbara Paigef
05:50 10 Nov 18
Fun time...a little packed in small rooms
Cindy Crowell Schmidt
14:38 24 Oct 18
Fun time with the family, had to work to get out under a hour
Steve Gregory
03:20 20 Oct 18
Lots of fun and good people, but the location is a bit worn and run down. Needs a face lift.
Sean Flynn
21:04 15 Oct 18
So fun to do love when I can feel like I'm in a movie solving problems
human adventure history
16:31 09 Oct 18
Fun escape room! Ive only been to a couple of different ones so I dont have much to compare but we went as a group of 10 and just got out before our timer was up. It was a little tricky to find the first clue but once we did, we were off and running. Overall all the puzzles and clues were real fun and my 12 and 13 year olds both had a blast. I really enjoyed learning a little about art as well! I would definitely recommend this place to a friend
Ryan Scott
01:32 29 Sep 18
Great team building experience! The room was fantastic, so creative.
Montse Aguilar
00:21 23 Sep 18
Totally worth it.
Joseph Tallacksen
04:01 21 Sep 18
We had a great time. Everything was well put together. We had an emergency and missed our appointment. I just figured we forfeited the appointment and the $, which was ok. But when our appointment came we got a phone call and they offered reschedule our session! That was truly WOW service and we were so very grateful! Our experience from beginning to end was unforgettable!
Sophia Garcia
03:36 18 Sep 18
Such a mysterious, naturalistic, and well-staged experience! Long story short: If the presented scenario was a movie, I would watch it. 👏
Slow Loris
21:16 08 Sep 18
This place was my first experience at an Escape Room activity. What a neat concept and a fun way to spend a couple hours! Brainy Actz was pretty good quality and all the tricks and locks and special effects worked well. You still have to be willing to play along to get the most out of it. Play with a group of 5 or 6 people to help not get stuck.
Robert Faulk
22:52 10 Aug 18
It was awesome! But it might be harder than u think. We had a great time.
Erin B
02:40 31 Jul 18
Great staff. Such a lot of family fun!
Veni Lanka
05:59 21 Jul 18
Took my kid and 7of his friends there for his 15th birthday. The place is well kept, friendly staff, a nice waiting area with great puzzles and games and comfortable couches. They could use a small vending area with water and other small snacks but that's just nit picking. The escape room itself was not too complicated but still a challenge. They have 3 escape rooms at that location, so you have choices. Overall, I was impressed with the place and would recommend it to everyone.
Joe Ramirez
05:06 17 Jul 18
That was tuff but fun af!
Kahala Moore
03:32 14 Jul 18
My first Escape Room experience was very fun and challenging.
Cici A.
04:33 09 Jul 18
So much fun!
Emma Elizabeth Fischer
21:34 05 Jul 18
So much fun! Went with the family. We did the Lost Point Cabin. Great experience and very challenging puzzles. We beat it with a little bit of time to spare though!
Zach Warren
15:00 13 May 18
Soooo much fun! Accommodating staff! So helpful and friendly. Just overall had a blast!
April May
14:47 12 May 18
A fun afternoon. This was a new story, so all new clues to discover.
Christopher Cullum
14:14 04 May 18
best escape room experience by far! Great staff and rooms!
ericka alonzo
18:40 27 Apr 18

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