Feb 13, 2018

Things to Do on Valentines Day in Irvine, CA

Looking for Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Irvine, CA?

Trying to figure out what things to do on Valentine’s day in Irvine, CA? Come to BrainyActz Escape Rooms on Valentine’s Day!  Mention to our employees that you are on a date and RECEIVE 20% OFF!


Things to Do on Valentines Day in Irvine, CA

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms – Irvine is a Perfect Valentines Day Activity

First Dates can be awesome if the date is unique. Why not come solve a puzzle room where you and your date can get to know each other in a fun way!  Communicate with your date in order to solve the riddles that will lead you two out of the room and onto your next adventure in life. Add some excitement to a relationship with your longtime lover by working together to go through the adventure of solving an escape game room.

Valentine’s Day is an awesome way to show your loved one that you care about them.  So why not plan an awesome and unique date idea.  Call us up and reserve your spot, make it a double date and invite a friend, neighbor, or family member!  Work through our riddles and puzzles using your communication skills as a couple to get out of the room within an hour or less.

After that, you can enjoy the many fine dining areas that are located near Irvine and finish your day with some great food, great drinks, and have a great night!

Here are some FAQ’s that many people ask us

  1. How long is the experience?
    – Our escape rooms typically take 60 minutes to complete.  We have a brief video in the begging explaining the scenario you are in and its backstory.
  2. What skills do I need to play?
    – There are no mandatory skills however groups who work together have an easier time solving the riddles and puzzles than groups who are solo.
  3. Can I leave mid-escape room?
    _ We would like you to stay for the experience however if there is an emergency there are always emergency doors that you can exit out of.
  4. What if we need help during the game?
    – We are monitoring you as your progress through the puzzle and if we see that you are stuck on something for too long we have a microphone set up so we can communicate with you.  If you think you need help you can always ask us on the computer, we provide inside the room and we can give you a clue to help you figure out the next step.
  5. May I book a large group or event?
    – Of course!  We do many corporate and large birthday parties where you can rent out all of the rooms in order for you and your team to have an awesome time together.
  6. How do I pick a team?  Will I play with strangers?
    – Depending on the location we have rooms that are made for 5 people and other rooms that are made for 20 people.  If you get an experience that is made for 20 people and there are only two in your group you may be added to another group in order to help fill the space up.
  7. Who can participate in Brainy Acts Escape Rooms experience?
    -Anybody between the ages 12 and up can participate.  All ages bring a different dynamic and puzzle solving skill to the experience.  The more minds you have working together the higher chance you have of escaping the rooms.
  8. How Early should we arrive?
    – We ask that the person who set up the appointment be there at least 30 minutes early and that everyone else enjoying the experience should be there 15 minutes beforehand.


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